SaMag - 12™ - 24™ System by Sacace Biotechnologies
SaMag - 12™ - 24™ System by Sacace Biotechnologies


High Stability and reproducibility
Twenty replicates were performed on SaMag™ nucleic acid purification system. The Real-Time qPCR data shows very high reproducibility.
A dilution series (from 8,00 log IU/ml to 1,00 log IU/ml) of an HCV RNA synthetic quantitative standard calibrated against the 4th WHO International HCV RNA Standard was extracted with SaMag™ system and tested using Real Time PCR, showing extremely wide linear range.

Consistent Yield
Genomic DNA extracted from human whole blood samples. Electrophoresis image shows high consistency and reproducibility on extraction results.
Real Time PCR used to calculate sensitivity of SaMag™ Viral Nucleic Acid extraction kit. Results show excellent sensitivity of 15 IU/ml that can be detected when using Sacace HBV
CE-IVD marked detection kit.